In KBC Head Office KBC Team Lucky Draw on Jio, Airtel All indian sim card Every Month In Lucky Draw one Lucky Person will win 25,00,000 Lakh Rupees We are Inform By WHATSAPP Call or WHATSAPP Message Send Sms On His Number Contestant Will Come on KBC Office Website or Search for kbc websie Contact with kbc Supervisor Than After Some verification We Will Send 25,00,000 to Contestant Bank Account Number.

WIN 25,00,000 LAKH BY KBC


There is a Simple and Easy way to Contact KBC Team or KBC WHATSAPP NUMBER. Follow These Simple Steps. First dial 0091 or +91, Then add 8601253617 Save This Number in to your Contact Then go to whatsapp and go to contact and refresh then Call us. For Example: +918601253617

KBC Complaint

If you are in Trouble, and you should deposit money on any Scammer so don’t worry We will help you to get your money back on your account as soon as possible

if you are Deposit Money in Any scammer account so We are not responsible for it.

if you feel caller are fraud, you should report it to KBC HEAD Office immediately.

We keep updating you for the Scammer

When you are calling in KBC, you come straight to the point. we don’t listen to unnecessary Calls. You should finish your talk as soon as possibale.


kbc winner


Lottery Amount: 25,00,000 Number: 734****474


Lottery Amount: 25,00,000 Number: 975****877

Mr.Prabhu Deva

Lottery Amount: 25,00,000 Number: 935****877


Lottery Amount: 25,00,000 Number: 735****177

KBC Jio Head Office Number 2021

Kaun Banga Crorepati can easily access any customer. The KBC office provides a wealth of information at various locations and serves the public in a variety of ways. Here you will find all kinds of information as an official line. Whether it’s about KBC registration or the KBC lottery Or about which you want to know. However, in this article, we will talk about controlling fake callers. The ultimate goal of any KBC customer is to be a winner. Over the past decades, we’ve been finding the winners. And everyone has their own experiences. The common denominator for all these winners is that at some point they need a KBC number. So KBC official number is +918601253617
Amitabh Bachchan

KBC Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

This is Too much asked question kbc head office helpline number so Kbc WhatsApp number is +91 8601253617 You shell Also Contact us by Click WhatsApp Button.

kbc office mumbai:

11, 11, Nagendra Nath Rd, Pratapaditya Nagar, Nagerbazar, Kamardanga, Kolkata, West Bengal 700028, India
kbc office kolkata:

KBC Plaza 2nd Floor, Bediapara, North Dumdum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700058, India

kbc office delhi:

Ganayaal Palaza, Nangal Raya, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 122002, India

KBC Has only one Official number no more numbers +91 8601253617 other numbers you will receive call or SMS especially Form +923——— or 00923——— Complaint us.

  1. rana pratap singh kbc

  2. vijay kumar kbc

KBC Lucky Draw

If you have an Indian contact number, you can be involved in KBC lucky draw. They do arrange for KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) lucky seasonal draws in which you can win a prize of 25 lakhs. Countless fake individuals are making fraudulent calls adopting people to send cash for winning an award from KBC. Please, don’t believe any of it and kindly confirm all information received from the KBC head office number.

As a beloved caller in request on the KBC lucky draw 2021, it is now merely opting for registration with a simple call to KBC Head Office number. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to come over to the office; everything can be processed online with a phone call.

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All Winner will contact us by using whatsApp

This is KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number


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